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NOHEP CAMPAIGN The goal of the project is to prevent the spread of HEPATITIS and enhance the lives and health status of persons living with and/or affected by HEPATITIS. It is also to expand community access to quality HEPATITIS prevention, care and support services. The objective of NOhep Campaign Project is to
  1. To create massive awareness about HEPATITIS and its effects on Nigerian populace.
  2. To conduct free medical test and screening for participants.
  3. To promote and encourage people whose status is negative to get vaccinated, thereby reducing the spread of HEPATITIS.
  4. To reduce the socio-economic burden and impact of viral and Non-viral HEPATITIS transmission in Nigeria.
  5. To encourage the positive patient access to HEPATITIS treatment facility.
  6. To massively distribute IEC materials to hundreds of thousands of adult individuals.
  7. Advocacy, Promote Government Policies and Programs, Research, Seminar/symposium
Our Activities includes:
  • Immunization Awareness/Sensitization,
  • Distribution of IEC materials and posting of posters.
  • Free Screening and Vaccination
  • Advocacy visit to support and improve policies on Hepatitis service delivery across public healthcare facilities.
  • Pubic Seminar, lectures and symposiums aim at improving stakeholders participations.

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