The goal of this program is to provide emergency aids and assistance to victims of both natural disaster and socio-economic crises in any given communities that have lost their means of livelihood or are incapable to provide for themselves or families.


  1. To support resilience building among internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugee migrant, indigent pollutions.
  2. To provide food and non-food items
  3. To provide emergency medical aids
  4. To refer identified malnourished children to the nearest treatment center within and outside the camp.
  5. To improve the nutritional status of 1,000 IDPs under five children using Vitamin A Supplement and Albendazole – Deworming treatment.


Activities includes


  1. Community awareness and sensitization on IDPs rights
  2. Beneficiary targeting and registration for further assistance programs
  3. Distribution of food and NFIs.
  4. MUAC Screening to identify SAM cases.
  5. Distribution of Vitamin A supplement and Albendazole
  6. Supply and logistics move of relief items on behalf of organization and private companies.

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