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As a dynamic partnership organization, we bring together a diverse set of stakeholders to take on some of the most pressing national challenges of social welfare inequality and poverty. Our corporate partnerships link the philanthropist, entrepreneurial spirit, private sector and international communities with the social and economic objectives of Care for Social Welfare International. Our results-driven partnerships with foundations, membership organizations, Governments agencies, traditional leaders and religious bodies make a difference in the important effort we make to fight the inequality social welfare and poverty in our society.


Corporate entities recognize the value of investing their resources in a dynamic and strategic causes in improving humanity and the Care for Social Welfare International is a platform for the corporate community to express their corporate social responsibility by giving back to their society. We are therefore soliciting for Corporate entities to join the CASWI as Corporate Partners, working together to close the gap in social welfare provision and poverty problems in Nigeria.

How can you be involved?

  • Support Care for Social Welfare International strategic Intervention program. Click here to proceed
  • Adopt Care for Social Welfare International specific program as your company corporate social responsibility.
  • Involve your company through corporate social responsibility and employee engagement by volunteering to work in Care for Social Welfare International.


Benefits of Partnership with Care for Social Welfare International:

  1. We create an opportunity for your entity to showcase your CSR activities through our active community engagement and social media pages
  2. Promote your company in achieving your CRS goal.
  3. We provide more visibility of your brand’s social responsibility locally and internationally.
  4. Your organization gets to be featured in our webpage and newsletters viewed and read by over 500 people worldwide
  5. We create an avenue for interested staff in your organization to volunteer their time for humanitarian service and also a privilege for them to interact with the indigent communities outside the walls of the office environment.
  6. Help your organization build stronger relationships with your existing customers/clients (and gain new ones), peers and employees.
  7. As a partner to CASWI, you get direct access to the necessary information on donation usage, mission, finance, etc. It is a wholesome, accountable, and transparent experience.
  8. Gives your entity a platform to make a difference.
  9. Partnering with CASWI helps your company to build brand loyalty and promotion in the local community.



Government Partnership

We are soliciting and open to partnership with the Federal and State Government in access to Government-owned or –controlled facilities, approval, logistics and delivery support systems that may be available and are appropriate for the use of Care for Social Welfare International (CASWI) programs and easy access to grass root and in the development of rural communities across Local Government Area.

The Government can also provide funding for CASWI to hire and manage staffs that will assist the Communities who are interested, committed and qualified to further assist our grass root drive program.

The benefits of Government Partnership with Care for Social Welfare International:

  1. It will encourage private sector participation and donation to reach the indigent populations.
  2. It is a novel platform to bring government closer to the people. Shows the government commitment to their people welfare and development.
  3. Government Partnership with CASWI will enable Government enroll the right vulnerable children’s and families in their National OVC Management Information System(NOMIS)
  4. It will create job opportunities by direct employment into the various CASWI programs the Local Government Areas we operates.
  5. It will create opportunities for individuals to render volunteer services.
  6. It will help create a platform for government to train interns and boast the needed jobs experiences for the larger economy sector.
  7. Government can render disaster relief assistance with the existing CASWI emergency relief program.
  8. Partnering with CASWI will help Government reach the right vulnerable and indigent populations they intent to help.
  9. It is another form of public private partnership with a charitable cause.


Other Areas of Partnership (Non programmatic Area)

We believe that anyone can support the cause of charity and humanitarian services beyond the focus area of an organization

At care for social welfare international, we welcome other forms of partnerships with individuals and corporate bodies to achieve the following:

  • Provide Boreholes/well with pump with filters or water treatment in one or more undeserved communities.
  • Refurbish: Public Schools toilets, libraries or provide educational materials like school bags, books and footwear to indigent school children.
  • Pay School fees or scholarship for indigent children in the slum communities.
  • Provide medical supplies like wheel chairs, clutches to people living with disabilities.
  • Provision of learning materials for children with special needs.
  • Pay hospital bills for the poor in different general hospitals.
  • Provide Sanitary pads for girls/ Promotion of sexual health and Prevention of STDs awareness campaign and supply of condoms.
  • Provide Mosquito Nets to vulnerable Families living in the slum.
  • Clean up slums and provide waste bins for sustainable and healthy environment.
  • Provide Cooking items to households in the IDPs camps and slums.
  • Provide clothing to families living in the slum. Second hand clothing are purchased at a very reduced rate from a local market and distributed to children and their parents in the slum.

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