1. To promote a new world generation free of HIV/AIDs and provide care HIV Treatment Services (HTS) to affected persons.
  2. To advocate and support in the fight against the elimination of Hepatitis B and C in the Country.
  3. To address the problem of malnutrition in over vulnerable children under 5 years and to improve the nutrition intake of pregnant women and lactating mothers affected by HIV/AIDs, social and economic crises.
  4. To provide skill and empowerment assistance to young girls and women (mostly single mothers, widows and sex workers) to become financial independent.
  5. To provide quality education with empowerment for teenagers and youth in Public schools and those out of schools to help reduce modern day human trafficking.
  6. To reduce the socio-economic effect of mental ill health among youths on drug abuse.
  7. To promote and advocate for the course of gender equality and elimination of all form of gender based violence against women and girls child.
  8. To improve food security at the household and aggregate levels to guarantee that families have access to safe foods that is adequate (both in quantity and quality) to meet the nutritional requirement for a healthy and active
  9. To provide emergency food and services to people in financial and natural

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