The goal is to provide agency-based empowerment to selected communities members (vulnerable youths) and graduating (SS3) young students from Public Secondary schools in Nigeria annually who, due to lack of education or following completion of secondary school, work the streets due to lack of skills, employment or opportunity to further their education prospects or start a business. This project minimizes the risks these young people face while on the street and taps into their full potential to create a new life right from their community or before they graduate from secondary schools.

The objective of TYEP is to

  1. To inculcate the social norms and values in delinquent teenagers/youth student’s right in their young age by developing a sense of responsibility and good conduct amongst them.
  2. Exposure to developed and proper way of living in and outside the community via excursion, sports activity and inter-schools competitions.
  3. Providing Career coaching and vocational skills training to students in trades with established market demand in tailoring, Adire fabric dying, soap, air freshener and olive oil making, cake baking, small event catering, and beauty classes including hair, pedicure and manicure. It works towards enhancing the chance of youth employability in the society.
  4. Establishment of Girls Hygiene Hub (GHH) and Drug Free Hub (DFH) respectively in the schools as medium of sensitizing the students on their health and other related emotional and mental challenges.

Activity includes:

  • Educational Performance Assessment and School Visits
  • Enrolment and Re-enrolment of school age children back to school.
  • Transitioning adolescent from Primary to Secondary and tertiary Education.
  • Mentorship and Career coaching
  • Vocational, Life Skill Training.
  • School competitions.
  • To support students with academic materials and non-academic materials (Pads, medical checkups).

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