Our goal is to

  1. To inculcate the right social norms and values in the growing youth population of the community.
  2. To increase the chance of employability as well as promote self- employment and entrepreneurship amongst youths in the communities.
  3. To provide youth with the information and opportunity to make a better decision in their health and lifestyle.
  4. To reduce the rate of intergenerational transmission of HIV/AIDS and STI related diseases among youths.

The objective is to

  • De stigmatizing youths in Police peripherals, for the maligned status of youth gives ample opportunity to police to be always suspicious of
  • Help prevent the spread of new infections of HIV/AIDS and STI among youths especially in tertiary educations.
  • Reduce the incident of sex for economic value and school grades on tertiary institutions.
  • Understand what life is like for people infected with HIV/AIDS and STI.

Activities includes:

  • Develop a youth group through various measures, e.g. group work, screening of movies in demand as well as giving moralistic messages, making sports accessories available to them.
  • Conduct Street theatre on social issues in the urban slums in participation with Nigeria
  • Set up of vocational training center and tie up with the community leaders.
  • Holds a community workshop about the health risks of inter-generational sex, self-piercing and self-
  • Develop public service announcements (PSA) to help prevent HIV/AIDS in rural communities using their native language.
  • Develop and distribute a learning resource.
  • Write and perform a community

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