The goal is to transform the mindset of the host community into positive ideas and I can do abilities, which creates Self-reliance, development and independent of host community.

The objective of this CID is to

  1. Increase and promote sector-wide reform for improved public accountability.
  2. Facilitate key utility (SWB) reforms for service improvement and social accountability.
  3. Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion in rural and urban Communities.
  4. Capacity building on WASH and environmental sanitation
  5. Advocate for schools policies on adequate WASH facilities.
  6. Reduce the incident of open defecation and indiscriminate waste disposal across cities.
  7. Capacity building and entrepreneurship growth of the host community indigenous resources.
  8. Promote and empower household on water treatment and safe storage.

Activity includes:

  • Environmental Sanitation.
  • Public policy reform on WASH practice and service provision.
  • Provision of WASH equipment across schools.
  • Capacity building on environmental protection.
  • Advocacy for policy reforms for structural improvement
  • Entrepreneurship development of community own indigenous resources.
  • Establishment of Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) and Income Generating Activities.

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