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Your time is precious and valuable and we are grateful you are considering volunteering with us!

May I let you know that as a Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Care for social welfare international is organized to provide opportunities for volunteers to render their community service.

Our volunteers are the reason for our great achievement today and every minutes you spend with us matters a lot to us and we are grateful to have you onboard.


  1. Facilitator
  2. Data collection
  3. Counseling unit
  4. Mobilization
  5. Media and communication
  6. Advocacy visit
  7. Fundraising department
  8. Research and development
  9. Logistic and organizing department


  1. Industry related skills
  2. Ability to work in a team
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Problem solving and adaptability skills
  5. Communications skills
  6. Ability to plan and prioritize work
  7. Monitoring and evaluation skills
  8. Other new skills


  1. volunteering enables active participation in the organization conferences
  2. Volunteers are entitled to free products of the organization including our publications.
  3. Volunteering enable you to actively participate in the association’s general, national, regional and quarterly conferences both within and outside the country. You can also make presentations showcasing your abilities and professional gifting for recognition and opportunities.
  4. Volunteering also links you to a network of professional like-minds and leaders in government, and captains of industrial in the private sector.
  5. Been a volunteer will give you an edge to be consider first over others when CASWI is recruiting new staff
  6. Free training; all volunteer of CASWI will be properly trained and issue certificate that can enable them to work with any NGO within Africa and beyond.
  7. Excursion will be organized to all members to expose them to viral hepatitis knowledge
  8. Opportunity to impact lives
  9. Active participation in Organization’s outreaches
  • Linkage to a network of Professionals from diverse works of life.
  • Amongst much more…

Thing you must know as a volunteer of CASWI

Frequents questions about volunteering

Can Anyone Volunteer?

Yes, anyone within the category of 18 years and above can volunteer. Anyone lower than 18 will need special consent and approval to be allowed to take part in our volunteering exercises.


How Can I Volunteer?

You can sign up as a volunteer by clicking on the Get Involved drop down menu and click on volunteer. Details on how to sign up are stated clearly on that page.


Do I Get Paid As A Volunteer?

No! Kindly note that none of this volunteering role is a paid initiative. It is your own way to giving back to your community and contributing towards national development. We issue certificate to volunteers and recommendation letters where and when necessary, to them who meet the necessary requirements.

What kind of activities can I expect to help with as a volunteer?

  1. Facilitator
  2. Data collection
  3. Counseling unit
  4. Mobilization
  5. Media and communication
  6. Advocacy visit
  7. Fundraising department
  8. Research and development
  9. Logistic and organizing department


Is it possible to be part of the NGO apart from being a volunteer to gain experience and learn more without pay?

Yes, please send in your resume to

Do i need wear the CASWI shirt? If Yes Secondly, how much is it?

Yes, it is. To participate in our outreaches, you have to wear an CASWI branded T-shirt. The T-shirt is sold for N2,500 or N4,000 depending on the quality within your budget.

How can I be a Volunteer?

To become a volunteer, fill out the volunteer registration online form to get started. Once filled and submitted, an on-boarding confirmation email will be sent to your registered email. The entire process takes an average of 72hours.

Do CASWI have a dress code?

NO, but Volunteers are advised to wear close-toed shoes and clothes appropriate to work in our field operations.


Do i need to sign-in?

Yes, each volunteer individual or group needs to sign in each time they volunteer at the CASWI. Upon arrival please visit our volunteer desk for instructions on how to sign-in.


Want More Than Volunteering; How Do I Become Full Staff Of CASWI?

Please click here to apply for a position of interest.

As a volunteer, can I donate personal items?

Yes, you can. We welcome all types of donations both food and no-food items. Click here to see list.

If you don’t have any material or money to contribute, does that disqualify you from being a volunteer?

No it does not. Donation is not compulsory at CASWI. However, you will have to buy a shirt to participate.

I know some companies that would love to partner with Care for Social Welfare International, who do I speak to?

We welcome new Donors; kindly send a mail to  or call +23409033624012

How often are the CASWI outreaches held?

We currently run 8 programs and we hold outreaches from time to time. We advise that you keep a tab on your email and our social media pages to get updates on our outreaches.

Can I come along with my friend?

Yes, but will need to register at the online or at the point of entrance.



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