The project goal is improved socio-economic recovery and political participation of women lead household and girls in peace building contexts and empowers vulnerable women lead household (including forcible displaced women) with the knowledge, skills and operational structure to move out of extreme poverty over the shortest period of time support community development.

The objective of SBCP is to

  1. Support and empower women to be economically empowered,
  2. To help them develop full human capacity with ability to secure employment outside starting their own business.
  3. To create opportunity and chances for women to become social and economically active in their communities,
  4. To enable them promote and participate in the course of women inclusion in leadership and decision.
  5. Help in limiting women gender marginalization across the

Activity includes:

  1. Provide skills and vocational training for women to increase their employability chances in the society.
  2. Provide economic strengthening package for women to start up business.
  3. Advocate to reduce women marginalization in social, economic and political opportunity.
  4. Promote women inclusion in decision making structures and conflict management.
  5. Provide financial literacy
  6. Building household economic resilience capacity.
  7. Educational Support to families with out of school children.

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